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Stumbled across this and now I want to watch Cinema Paradiso again!

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Today I’m releasing to the public for free viewing my third short film “Laid Off.”  One thing about this short film ended up being it’s timeliness. We broke the story in early September 2008. I handed in my first draft of the story literally the morning the sub-prime mortgage crash started started kicking up. I don’t think we were trying to predict anything about the financial world at the the time, (at least not consciously) but it definitely ended up being a relevant story, especially in Michigan where we were filming.

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More of my thoughts (with spoilers) after the jump:

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I totally support this very important unapologetic PSA.

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I know I’m not like most normal people my age. I’m more likely to rock out to vintage Neil Young than the latest Jay-Z record. I didn’t think Anchorman was the funniest movie ever made and I didn’t realize there was someone famous in the Sketcher’s Super Bowl ad until the next morning. But if there’s one thing I think that I can get everyone on board with, it’s my love for going to the cinema. This probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me. I don’t just mean watching movies; I mean I love physically going to the movie theater.

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When I was around 10 years old, my dad showed me “Back to the Future.” Instantly I fell in love with the idea of time travel.  But I must say “Back to the Future” spoiled me; because it was so well thought out there are really very few holes to poke in it’s logic. But then I saw films like “Deja Vu” and “Premonition” that try to take the bait of changing the rules they want to use half way through the film. It also didn’t help that they just weren’t very good movies beyond their basic logic problems. 

That all goes a a long way to say that I was very skeptical of the new film “Source Code.” It looked like a standard “I could save the world (or at least this train) if only I could time travel film.” I was wrong.

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