The 3000 mile/24 hour projects.

A few weeks ago I designed these one sheets for two films I edited/directed. Each was a similar experiment where we had 4-5 people working on projects where each of us was no closer than 400 miles to each other (collective distance was more than 3300 miles). Collaborators submitted from Chicago, Minneapolis, Calgary, Corvallis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Each project was conceived produced and finished within 24 hours. That either one of these films exist and at the quality they do is an unbelievable source of pride for me. Check them out here:

Oceans Apart



Read about how we did it.

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Check out the latest film I directed/edited.

Mark tries to maintain his long distance relationship with Lisa. 

"Brilliant" "Wonderful" "I laughed a lot." 
-Festival Judges

This was won 3rd place at The 2011 24 Hour Film Festival. Every piece of media was conceived created and edited within the 24 hour window. 

None of the filmmakers who created this film were ever within 400 miles of each other. (Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Corvallis and Calgary)

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